Friday, January 8, 2010

Taking stock of my emotions

It is amazing how time flies. It is already coming to the end of Week 1 in the history of SST and my goodness, the feelings I have been experiencing these few days were just tumultuous!

Uncertainty: Will I be able to engage the students fully? Will I be able to help them enjoy SST? Will I be able to cope with the expectations I have for myself?

Weariness: The amount of walking and running around I have done these four days really made me realise just how unfit I have become. Naturally my muscles ache from the strains of the day and every night, my eyelids droop involuntarily.

Sadness: It was with wonderment I know I was to be the assistant form teacher for S1-04 as I thought I would be looking after S1-07, the class I am going to teach. But after these 4 days with the class, I realised the time I had with them allowed me to know their little quirks (yes, some of them are!) and I actually wouldn't mind teaching them. I had a good time with them and the sadness I felt came after I was making my way home after the night hike.

Eagerness: I anticipate the good work that the teachers would be coming up with and look forward to this journey with them.

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