Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Moment in Time

It was a very heartwarming night in the history of SST (15 days, haha!) on 15 Jan 2010.

Going into classes 1-04 and 1-07 to listen to the students talking to their parents about what they have all gone through during the orientation programme made me realise the past 15 days had been very busy but (I hope) meaningful for them. Seeing them suddenly that much more mature warmed me and I can only imagine just how proud their parents must have been.

The cameras clicking non-stop in the hall, video-cameras capturing the proceedings, the procession as the students came down from the front of the hall (I missed that by the way!), the emcees and student representative, the singing of the batch song - priceless.

I sincerely wish these young ladies and gentlemen an exciting and fruitful journey ahead.

Go forth, Cohort of 2010!


  1. Hi! (Again...) Not trying to poke my nose into your business but I can't help but read your blog. Maybe it is because I'm bored or maybe it's just that I enjoy it. Anyway, has it been 15 days? It is the 11th day today you know... Have you considered adding a chat box? By the way, thank you for the blessing and I wish the same to you.

  2. lol. i think your blog is very interesting too. harh(:

  3. Thanks for your affirmations, Hao Yang and Jing Yi!