Friday, January 15, 2010

The class I teach

It's been a few days since I went into 1-07 and gradually I am getting to know them.

To be honest, they are a bunch of nice kids, not rude, many needing to develop themselves in terms of decorum, but generally linguistically good.

It is also interesting that I am teaching them Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) and I sometimes wonder if they get confused over the double identities I hold when I stand in front of them. Do they see me as their language teacher or do they see me as their I&E teacher?

I suppose I would like them to see me as who I am, a teacher, and that depending on the types of lessons we have in class, to open their ears and eyes (and I hope minds) to learn whatever they can.

I must confess (and I have already told them so, in not such a cuddly way) that I am also walking the journey of discovery with them. It is really tiring walking by yourself and I am glad I have my family to walk alongside with me. Now the question is: Will they walk with me? How can I get them to walk with me?

I suppose time will tell...


  1. Sorry for continuously reading ur blog... but I view you as my language teacher(: Glad to know that we are a NICE bunch of kids...

  2. Hi Jing Yi, please continue to follow my blog :) and for letting me know you viewing me as your language teacher :)

  3. Hi! I have just read your post and I view you as a teacher whom I can go to when there is the need. I don't know about the class but I will and have to walk the journey with you unless you, like some of my Primary 6 teachers, drop out of the class. I'm contented to know that you think we are nice kids, some of us at least...

  4. lols ehh hao yang don act guaii larh pls... iz creeping me out...