Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coming to the end of Term 1

Time seems to fly on certain days and crawl on slowly on others, but this I can say for sure, weekends whiz by, leaving me breathless.

I cannot believe we are coming to the end of February in 2010. It feels like so many things have taken place and I am still trying to collect and collate my emotions as I plod along this journey.

As I look at how far we have progressed, I am amazed by what is done and yet mindful that we have to take baby steps at time.

We must all learn to prioritise and find a way as we plod along.

Let's do this together!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lunar New Year

15 Days
Red Packets 新年
House Visiting 合欢齐庆
Relatives 身体健康
Get 狂食
O 步
G 高
E 升
T 龙
H 马
E 精
R 神

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eventful Week

It is amazing how time flies since the epiphany of the fragile nature of life.

I have not fallen sick for quite some time but I think my body finally succumbed to the viruses which attacked my two sons.

I have had an eventful week, family matters, school matters, well, we just have to manage them as we move along.

It is kind of sweet though how some students thought they had gotten me sick when I shared with them how I felt about their behaviour in class. They wish they had that power but seriously, they should consult their Biology teacher to know how one could succumb to illnesses (hahaha!)

To those who sent me their well-wishes, I am grateful because I believe their good thoughts did something to the universe and broke my fever. Thank you.