Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Tribute to Someone I Never Knew But Whose Passing Taught Me Something

Life is...
When the people you love and care for
Reciprocate without expecting anything in return;
When the things you do for others
Are appreciated and celebrated;
When you walk around and notice
All things beautiful.

Life is tragic
When you do not know how to love
Or are not even aware that you have not loved;
When no epitaph is written
In sweet memory of you;
When you fade into non-existence
And vanish like magic.

Life is full of anticipation
When you wake up with a purpose
And you go to sleep feeling accomplished;
When things do not go the way they should
But you smile and make the best of the situation.

Life is now
As you realise the fragility,
And cherish whatever you have;
As you open your eyes and see
How much you can be.
What do you hope to achieve
In your life as Father Time capers?
He does not wait
As you wither and waver.
Life is now.


  1. Life is to treasure each and every moment of it and not letting it go to waste.

  2. i meant: this is it. the past cannot be changed, the future is an imagination. treasure the present. and stop acting guai marcus. it really freaks me out.

  3. Nice poem, Mr Koh! Life should be treasured and not used for quarreling with you mother. Heard that, Jing Yi?

    Hao Yang

  4. Weihong, what questions do you have? Ask me okay?