Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Culture - What is?

It is interesting that we have to be told that dialogue is key in an organisation, be it internal or external. The conversations have to be uplifting, to keep everyone upwards rather than downwards.

Is it true that "Everyday culture eats away your strategy"? If the culture is negative, would the strategies be carried out? Would they be still effective?

Actions versus Intentions [People will always be judged by what they do and not what they are thinking about. Decoding of someone's thought processes takes a lot of trust. How do we build the Trust?

Ladder of Inference [How can we make use of ABCDE chart?] Can we find more logical or rational explanations for something we see? If not sure, let's clarify, professionally. Easier said than done?

What is our interpretation of the word "Openness"? Is [ ] "open"or is [ ] "open"? Look at the issues, take in all the perspectives and speak with one voice. A battle won?

Focus on the Ps - Purpose; People (students and co-workers); Professionalism; Performance; Proactive; Passion; Cache-Control: max-age=0

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- I Complement Team (Everyone has to pull their own weight to contribute to the team)

Student - A Whole New Way of Learning
Staff - A Great New Place to Work
School - A Cool, Vibrant and Innovative Institution