Sunday, December 13, 2009

Students and their blogs

It is really heartening reading students' blogs and I feel I am becoming more of a blogger because I am reading about their lives and reflections.

Great to have more reading materials on hand to while the time away this holidays!

And kudos to the person (you know who you are) who designed these activities for them to do :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Someone whom I think is wise shared his views about CPF to us. Let me take some time to "unpack" the term.

C - Courage and Commitment

We must have the courage to forge new frontiers and explore unknown territories. That endeavour is never easy and it takes someone with a lion-heart to do so (thank goodness my name reflects that, as to the person....well....).

And it will never work if we are not committed to doing what we have set out to do.

P - Purpose and Perseverance

We must be clear of what we want to achieve. Or else it is just a meaningless journey we are embarking on with no clear end in mind. That is tiring and such a waste of time! But even when we do have the end in mind, the journey does get tough. We must persevere and push one. It is not unrelated to having the courage to do so too. The interconnectedness is there!

F - Friends and Family

How can we move on without the support available wherever we can find them? But first and foremost, I believe that Family should come first, nevertheless, as that is the place of solace, the place you can turn to, when friends become foes.

With that, I am going to contribute to my CPF regularly and cash it in when the time is right, when I know that I have done my part :)