Monday, March 16, 2009

Third CI Meeting

It's been quite a while since I updated this blog - like I said before, it's just not in my nature to do so but I guess I really have to try - how do THIS generation do it so easily and freely?

Have gone to see Dr Towndrow for the last time - now work really has to kick in as I read up on my articles and prepare for the final assignment for my masters. The third meeting was good - I was "forced" to think about my outline and through that process, I clarified what I wanted to write about and got some more recommended journal articles to read up. The issue is WHEN I should stop reading and START typing.

Since then, I have become more aware that technology is really becoming part of us - to the extent we have gotten so used to it, we start to use phrases like "Can't live without it" or "Will die if I didn't bring my handphone" or "Will die if I couldn't check my email". I said it is becoming part of us, because we willingly let it be so and perhaps we really don't have a choice. Singapore is one of the heaviest consumers of mobile phones (many owning more than 1 - why do they need so many phones???) and despite this economic downturn, I don't see the queue at Hello! shops getting shorter (actually I joined the queue because I wanted to "downgrade" my Dopod D810 to a mere Samsung L700). Realised this whole touchscreen thing was a phase for me - then I read Digital Life and found out that it is IN. Perhaps I should get one too...

So if technology is part of our students' life, so then do we make it so even in schools for them, without us worrying about control and attention issues? Would a classroom still be a classroom or should we simply abolish this whole concept and go for something different?

I am sure educators out there would be looking at SST and how we differentiate ourselves from the mainstream. I am curious about that too (^_^)