Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The New Teacher

Here I am posting my second entry in a single day! Talk about overload. I wonder if children of this digital age (or the N-Gen) do this all the time?

Anyway, I was still looking through Tapscott's Growing Up Digital when I came to this section called "The New Teacher". It talks about Richard Ford, a very inspiring teacher who was a facilitator of learning more than a transmitter of knowledge. What he did was he refused to answer students' questions, but preferred them to ask everyone else in the class. I thought that is quite neat, and conveys the message to the class that the teacher does not have all the answers (actually we really do not have ALL the answers and more often than not, we also refer to Google :)

Moreover, instead of examinations, he got the students to create webpages and used peer assessment. His words set me thinking:
"I don't teach. If I teach, who knows what they will learn. Teaching's out. I tell kids that there are no limits. You can create whatever you want to create. If it's impossible, it will just take a bit longer. My main function is to get kids excited, to consider things they haven't done before. I'm working to create citizens in a global society" (1998, p.156).

It sounds so easy but implementation is not so smooth-sailing. I would want to be the NEW teacher in this NEW school. Think, think!

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