Friday, December 24, 2010

Saying Goodbye to SST

Today I decided to write this post to mark the end of my stint in SST. I do not dare to walk down memory lane again - did that as I was packing my table - as I realize the immensity of things accomplished and experienced while being here.

So many things can happen in a short span of time and so I believe that it will be a totally new experience for those still in SST and for those joining SST.

I wish all of them the best in what they do and we can still keep in touch via my personal email.



  1. The ultimate goal should not be about what we have accomplished but rather whether we have enjoyed the process. So, walking down memory lane should be about recalling the happy memories.

    You shouldn't be saying goodbye to SST, should you? You can always come back! You are always welcomed!

    We will still keep in touch! :D

  2. It's hard to say good bye... especially when you start to pack your memories at your work station for the last time. It's even harder when you have devoted yourself totally into the making of the history. You left a mark here... Footprints would remain because you are part of SST's history :)


  3. @LHY A very mature comment and I must be honest with you; there were good and bad times, as with any life experiences we get. All the best in your studies and stay focused and I know you will excel in SST and beyond :)

    @LKY 朋友,真高兴认识你!保持联络!